Photography taken in our studio

"Just a wee note to tell you the photo's are just beautiful, I am so pleased with them all, the time and effort you put into taking the photo's is just amazing, my little granddaughter Morgan is a shy wee thing, but you took the time to engage with her and managed to get the best out of her, the whole experience for Morgan was a great confidence booster, on the other hand my other little darling Imogen needs no encouragement to smile for a camera, those photo's are just superb. Julie is marvellous at applying make-up, I was so pleased with the out come! The whole experience you both provide was truly excellent, thank you both so much and I'll be back soon!" Yvonne McCormack Makeup and Family Portraits

Beautography Photography Sessions

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Family Portraits

At Beautography we are all about fun and making it work for you! We want to bring out your families personality in the shoot and make it an experience to remember. Our 1 hour photography sitting costs £49 and includes a colour portrait. Bring all the family together for some memories you will treasure for years to come! You can even bring the family pet. Our studio can be accessed separately from the spa for this purpose. We don't charge per person for our photography shoots. We charge per session, that way you are welcome to bring any friends or family along! We offer relaxed, fun and informal photography shoots full of personality!

Experience our fantastic hi-glide studio and feel like a star for the day! Our 1 hour shoot gives us just the right time to get to know you and what you what from the session. It’s all about you! We include a variety of different lighting effects and backgrounds to show how unique you really are. All photography shoots include a style consultation, unlimited clothes change, posing techniques, one 5x7 print and private viewing session. Upgrades on print sizes and effects available that include canvas prints, floating box frames, albums and CD’s.

At Beautography we cater for all. We have many props in the studio to add to your shoot, you are welcome to bring whatever you like to help bring out your character. Maybe you love handbags or is it shoes? We welcome families to bring your child’s favourite toy or sentimental item to make it more personal.

Individual Portraits

Do you need a professional photograph for your business, sports team or job application? We can help! First impressions really do count so make sure you stand out from the crowd or give your website the edge with a professional photograph. Ladies look your best with the option to have hair and makeup before the shoot!

Babies and Children

Your new buddle of joy grows up too fast, ensure you capture those special moments and first smiles! We photograph from new born to toddler, pick your favourite stage. After all your child’s primary years are the most important years to record so make sure you have those adorable photographs to remember! We have a variety of props and toys to add to your shoot to bring out those smiles! You can bring along any props of your choice to make your photos more personal. We are a friendly bunch here at Beautography and have a real love for kids!

Photo Parties/Tea Parties

Perfect for birthdays, hen parties and other special occasions. Bring all your friends together for a really fun day or the start of an evening out! Refreshments and cupcakes. Includes one 5x7 per person. Minimum of four, from £20 per person.

Childrens packages available – Treat your child to a special birthday that they will never forget with a tea party! We can supply decorations and birthday cake. Options to add mini pampering. Vintage tea parties with bubbly available for adults.

Pre Wedding/Engagement

Come to us to celebrate your engagement with some beautiful couple shots. A pre wedding shoot is a great opportunity to get relaxed in front of the camera in preparation for the real deal shots on your special day.

Wedding Photography

We can offer beautiful, natural getting ready shots with all the girls in the comfort of your home or venue. Half day photography available with various package options. Call us now to start building your package!

Event and Commercial Photography

Both our Beauty and Photography services are available mobile for events. We can cater for all your special occasions, including sporting events and competitions. We are also available for home visits on request. Does your business require professional photography for your website or promotional material? Contact us for a quote.

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