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"PERFECT, AMAZING, FRIENDLY AND PROFESSIONAL!!! That's exactly how I describe Beautography. They done my wedding make up along with my two bridesmaids and mum. My make up was exactly what I wanted, natural, flawless and lasted all day. Nothing is too much for these two lovely sisters. They filled every expectation and more. I tell every soon to be bride about them. They really made my wedding day extra special. Their professionalism and lovely personalities assured you that you were in great hands... an absolute pleasure to have around on the morning of my big day, even topping up all the champers and grabbing everyone to top up their lippy before we left. I really can't talk any more highly of them! All that's left to say is a HUGE thanks to both of you. All I need now is another wedding to go to so I can have the Beautography experience again!! Honestly ladies, you really made my day. Take care and good luck! Lots of Love" Mrs Alanna Newlands!! xx

Beautography Packages

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The Beautography Experience is unique, your day should be too!

We specialise in weddings. We can offer you the perfect package for your special day. Why deal with lots of different companies when you can have peace of mind that we will take care of it all! We can offer you a package that includes Hair, Makeup and half day wedding Photography, not to mention all the pre wedding pampering! Remember we cater for men too!! All packages can be tailor made to suit you and your requirements. All elements may be booked separate.

All brides love to look there best for there special day so Beautography are offering all brides 3 for 2 on all Elemis facials and body treatments to get you prepared. Conditions apply. Ensure you are glowing for your big day with Elemis and bareMinerals! Not to mention all your pre wedding pampering! We travel to you on the day to your home, venue or hotel.

Hair and Makeup

We use bareMinerals makeup. It is absolutely beautiful, really natural and lasts all day, perfect for weddings. Glow on your Special Day with bareMinerals & MAC Makeup. Come in and see for yourself with a trial from £45. Your hair and makeup trials take place in our hair and makeup suite on the same day so you can see how everything will come together for the day. Enjoy exclusive use for you and the girls for your wedding trials. Add on bubbly & cupcakes to add to your experience. We have a fantastic team of makeup artists and hair stylists that will bring your vision to life! Bring all the girls in for a fun day!

Wedding Photography

If you want gorgeous natural photography that reflects passion and personality, Beautography is perfect for you! We cover half day photography. You can choose from getting ready shots to ceremony and group shots afterwards. We are around in the morning making you beautiful, this is always a lovely place to start your wedding portfolio!

We believe that one of the most important things about your wedding photographer is that you feel comfortable with them. The more comfortable you feel the better the pictures! We offer all brides and grooms a pre or post wedding shoot which includes a complementary gift print. Our pre wedding shoot includes a lovely mounted print for all your guests to sign on the big day. Print packages can include a variety of different sizes and effects, with opportunity to upgrade your prime images to canvas. We can offer gorgeous storybook albums and your images from the day on CD.

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Bridal Spa Days

Bring your bridal party for a luxury pamper party! You can book out Beautography for the day. Enjoy exclusive use of our services to make it really special, you can even pick your own music! Relax in our Arctic Spa hot tub before having your chosen treatments. You may even want to have our spa day as your hen party, or the start of it! Enjoy the comfort of robes while you unwind with us. Food and drinks can be provided. Call us now to arrange your unique party experience!

Hen Party Photoshoots

Bring all the girls in for something fun and different! Have a girlie photoshoot! You can dress up or have a themed party with us and a lovely picture to remember it all. We can provide the bubbly! Each member of the party receives a complementary print to remember the day.

Please contact us for more details and to meet for a free consultation.

Start building your perfect package with Beautography soon!