The Differences Between Power And Pressure Washing

The Differences Between Power And Pressure Washing

Many people often use power and pressure washing interchanging. As a result, some people believe that there are differences between the two processes. However, others argue that there is no difference. This is understandable because of the significant similarities between the two. For instance, both processes involve high pressure. The pressure at which water flows out of a power washer is the same as that of a pressure washer.

Additionally, the amount of pressure differs depending on the machine and its applications for each process. Therefore, like pressure washer, power cleaners used for household cleaning tasks usually have a lower PSI rating than those used for industrial applications. Despite the numerous similarities, there are some differences if you get into the specifics of power and pressure washing machines and processes.

Power and pressure washing differences

Below are the primary differences between power and pressure washing;


The easiest way to differentiate the processes is by defining them and the machines used.

A power washer is a machine that uses a high-pressure stream of hot water to clean surfaces by blasting dirt and materials. they are mostly used outdoors. The machines combine high pressure and heat to perform cleaning tasks. Therefore, power washing is cleaning surfaces with hot water from a high-pressure stream.

On the other hand, a pressure washer is a machine that lets out water at high pressure. However, it does not necessarily involve got water. Therefore, pressure washing is cleaning dirt and debris off surfaces using a high-pressure stream of water.

Therefore, the primary difference between the processes is that one includes heat and the other does not.


Other than the definition, you can also differentiate the processes by their applications. Power washing is a great technique for removing residue like mold, mildew, and salt from surfaces. The technique is commonly used for outdoor surfaces like patios, decks, and driveways. The high water temperature also makes it an ideal technique for removing hardened gum, grease, and grime from outdoor surfaces.

On the other hand, pressure washing is a common technique to clean moss, mold, and tough dirt and stains from various surfaces. However, the applications of power washers are typically more complex because of the added heat benefit.

Machine costs

Since power washers offer the added benefit of spraying hot water, they are typically more expensive. This is because they have an added compartment for heating the water. But, on the other hand, the costs of pressure are notably lower.

However, it is worth mentioning that the costs usually depend on the model, type, and machine manufacturer. Therefore, it is normal to come across pressure washers that cost the same as some power washer models.


Power and pressure washing are not too different from each other. Their functions are similar, and their designs are also almost the same. Therefore, if you know how to use one, you have no problem with the other. However, if you encounter these products first, it would be wise to understand the differences.